Bringing together a number of passions of mine - strong women who ignite change, photography, beautiful homes & fashion - I started a side project called Get RAW! featuring Real Asian Women who inspire.


Dedicated to featuring women in Asia and their unique stories, Get RAW! provides a voyeuristic look into the personal spaces of women who have carved out careers and lifestyles of their own.

I helm creative direction, photography, styling, interviewing and copywriting for developing the content of this project. I am currently in the works to re-ignite this project, so if you know someone who would be a great subject to be photographed and interviewed, get in touch!


Bella Koh, @Catslavery and Founder of


Innika Choo, Stylist & Founder of


Sera Hur-Murphy, Founder of Sera Murphy Florals


Grace Clapham, Transformation + Life Strategist