In October 2017,  I travelled to Marikina, Philippines, with a team of 12 other Singaporeans, for a missions trip. This was my first of such trips, and one that fundamentally shifted my perspective of life and of God. 


This trip had been months in the making for my team and I, and together with Pastor Kathy and her team from Cornerstone Marikina, we shared God’s word, our testimonies, words of knowledge, home-cooked meals, and endless love.

We led the locals in worship, dance, stories and activities. Many of us truly stepped out in faith to pray fervently for the people, and we saw how our Father moved among His children, proving that He is a God of kept promises.


He performed the same signs and wonders in the Bible that we had been trusting Him for - the deaf heard, the lame walked, pain ceased, hearts opened, and people were healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


We visited a home for street families, a boy’s home, a girl’s home, an orphanage and an old folks’ home while on our trip. We left Marikina with a deep burden to pray for more provision, as well as labourers to continue sowing seeds into the hearts of Marikina’s children, elderly and homeless.

With such little time spent there, we knew that more missionaries were needed to continue to foster a deeper heart change towards Jesus. Our earnest hope was and still is for them to be surrounded by the unceasing embrace of our Father’s loving presence, and to know in their hearts that they are special, they have a purpose, and that they will never, ever be abandoned. 

Coming home with that seed planted in my heart, I knew that I couldn’t just treat my experience as a one-off trip, and that more could, can and will be done for these children.


With the help of my husband and friends, Operation Shoebox is our pledge to the children whom we met that they are not forgotten, and we hope that these boxes may act as a reminder that they are loved, deserving and not forgotten. 


Last year, our goal was to collect 100 shoeboxes filled with gifts for the girls. By God's grace, we were met with an overwhelming response, with 240 boxes pledged in less than 10 days. Thank you for your support.


This year, the city of Marikina and it's people are still on my heart. Stay tuned for our next project this Christmas. If you'd like to stay updated, subscribe below. You'll only receive emails from me pertaining to this project.