I've been blessed to be able to work with a number of talented, open and giving individuals over the last couple of years, & am grateful to have had these opportunities.

Ken Mandel

Ken Mandel

Kate Tan has a great "can do" attitude and makes an impact from week one. She combines a strong intellect with an engaging personality that demonstrates a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Tomek Waligora

Tomek Waligora

Kate works fast, very accurate with strong strategic thinking and consumer insights behind every proposal. She is open and innovative in thinking. And she learns very quickly. I would strongly recommend to hire her.

Maisha Pereira

Maisha Pereira

Determined, dynamic and puts her whole heart into all she does. Her balance of effectiveness & empathy makes her an amazing marketer, communicator & leader. She constantly grows & improves herself and those around her. She will push the status quo and your to business excel.


David Jou

Worked closely with Kate during her short period at Pomelo. She is a creative thinker and has a very good understanding of both customer and brand. Wish we could have had more time to work together.

Donna Samuel

Donna Samuel

Kate is a quick thinker, hard worker and has great aptitude for business strategies. She carries vast amount of experience & is able to offer insight to a client's needs. Kate possesses a big heart for others & carries within her a constant need to create social value in every endeavour.


Scott Bales

I engaged Kate on the creative communications for my book launch in 2014. Her passion, energy and creativity helped to ensure the book's launch was a huge success.

I personally make it a point to mentor and support individuals I've managed, and find it very rewarding to see them grow and mature into the effective, impactful people they are today.


Cassandra Heng

Kate taught me so much during my time under her at Pomelo Fashion - I would not have learnt anything without her, and would not be where I am today without her. She has always supported me through my career, introducing me to opportunities that suit me perfectly. Thank you, Kate!


Elynn Yong

Kate is a fantastic manager and role model. She is detail-orientated, savvy and builds up her team members. Well-versed in what's trending, she is always coming up with new ideas and ways to improve productivity or output.

Chong Yee Ying

Yee Ying

Working directly under Kate's supervision was a true delight. With her creativity, innovative spirit, and warm personality, she helped to create a fun, supportive, and productive work environment, which inspires people she works with.