Dayre is one of Singapore's most-loved apps - I hired and managed global teams in the UK, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia, while acting as product manager as well in leading a team of developers to innovate and maintain the app.



2015 - 2017


International Growth Manager


Hit over half a million global active users during my tenure there.



Reporting directly to the CEO of Netccentric Limited, I led and developed international user acquisition for all owned and paid marketing assets, including the app's digital marketing and strategic partnership plan for international launches.

With my background in working well with teams from around the globe, I empowered local teams with the skills and expertise needed, acting as both a mentor and leader to my country leads. 

Part product marketing manager, part product manager, I identified market opportunities based on user needs to drive new product features and enhancement, while managing a team of 8 engineers to determine best technical implementation methods. 


The power of community...



For a shorter but much exciting period of time, I acted as Strategic Partnership Manager for Victorious Inc in APAC. Based in Santa Monica, Victorious was a mobile platform that empowered the world's top creators to distribute their multimedia content in their own apps. Notably, the company powered 20th Century Fox's X- Men app and renown YouTuber Ryan Higa's fan app.

At Victorious, I signed on and managed creators like Jay Park, JinnyBoyTV, Night Owl Cinematics, Eat Your Kimchi & Psy's Be Funny. 



I loved working at both Victorious and Dayre as I believed in the power of their communities - the power of a creator that connects with their fans are so powerful, and the power of a community that bonds together via a common experience be it the creation of a new home, a wedding or the birth of a child. Moments make up the memories of our lives, and Dayre allowed users to remember their best and worst moments, while build new friendships.



Dayre was such a powerful community that when the parent company decided to shut the app down after my former boss and CEO left, users bonded together via the #SaveDayre campaign, successfully seeking out a new owner and investor via the community's efforts. This simple yet gallant act speaks for itself - the app had made such a difference that they were willing to pour our their own time and efforts to find a way for it to continue on.