Hey, I'm Kate.

An entrepreneur, hustler, and digital native. I've been called a change-maker and do-er, because well.. I get things done. I am a strong advocate of e-commerce, and purchase 99% of everything I need online. I believe that story-telling, authenticity and communities are changing how businesses and consumers interact.

Being thrown in the deep end is how I learn best, and I've a heart for creating positive change in the world.


“Be someone who turns the world upside down, and moves even in storms.”



I believe that doing meaningful work is an important part of life, and that the role we play for 8 hours a day should be more than a job - it should impact the world.

We each have a unique set of gifts, personality and passions - and at the intersection of those three, we can find our core that makes us who we are. Pursuing that daily in work and life is key to experiencing fulfilment and happiness, and I'm on the constant journey of helping others intentionally pursue that. 



Staying Creative

I'm currently the Director of Marketing of Super X-Fi at Creative Technology. I believe that we can and are changing the world via our newest product Super X-Fi by personalising the audio experience & allowing anyone to experience sound like they would in real life.

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